Your Action Needed to Save Federal Funding for Walking, Cycling and Safe Routes to School!

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Your Action is Needed to Save Federal Funding for Walking, Cycling and Safe Routes to School!

Please act today!

Contact your Representatives to urge them to OPPOSE the House transportation bill.  This bill strips the transportation budget of any dedicated funding for walking and bicycling, and repeals the Safe Routes to School program that brings us the National Center for Safe Routes to School.  Some in the House are calling this the worst bill ever, according to America Walks.  (For a moving defense of Safe Routes to School before the House Transportation Committee, see this recent testimony by Eugene, Oregon Representative Peter DeFazio.)  


Contact your Senators to urge them to vote FOR the bi-partisan Cardin-Cochran Amendment to the Senate Transportation bill.  This amendment makes some improvements to the Senate transportation bill by restoring powers to local governments to choose funding for things like Safe Routes to School, bicycle and pedestrian projects.  Without this amendment, State DOTs will have exclusive power to decide whether or not to make any funding available for these critical and cost-effective programs.


These are current, time-sensitive issues with votes taking place early next week.  Please take action now!


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