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A few bills that would increase financial tools needed to keep Metro running smoothly for as many people as possible is before the State Senate right now- and it’s critical that your representatives hear from you about just how important public transportation is!

A bill proposing much needed revenue tools for local governments and transit organizations was passed in the State House on March 3, 2012 and is now before the State Senate.  One of the agencies that would benefit from the bill is King County Metro.  Metro, King County’s public transportation system, has been struggling right along with the economy and needs more resources to sustain even its current level of service.  Metro, like many of the the transit agencies across the state, has seen drastic budget cuts, forcing the agency to reduce services, leaving millions of people without rides to work, school, to the store or appointments. Buses have gone without much needed repair, and current routes have been curtailed or have stopped running earlier and earlier, reducing the choices people have to get around.
And current laws keep transportation agencies into outdated and nonreliable funding sources.  The two-year Congestion Reduction Charge (CRC) that was passed on a bi-partisan vote, but that was only temporary funding.  With this current bill, ESSB 6582, and two others that are currently awaiting the Senate’s vote ( SB 6455 and SB 6582), funding for transportation agencies becomes permanent.  It has passed in the House, but its approval in the Senate is not certain. Contact your senators today and urge them to support SB 6455 and SB 6582. 


Supporting these bills and getting them passed will be a huge victory for walkability and sustainability – so don’t wait to take this simple step!

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