West Seattle Neighborhood

by Cynthia

When we bought our house 20 years ago, neighborhood walkability wasn™t a prime factor in our decision. I™m just grateful the house we chose happened to include the bonus of many outstanding options for walks. The most adventurous of which, a 12-mile loop around the peninsula, I™ve done only once! I™m sharing here a few nearby destinations that are worth a trip alone, or can be combined for longer exploration.

To the south of my house, I can be on the rambling trails of forested Fauntleroy Park in about 15 minutes. A distinct counterpoint to the popular, busy, amenity-filled Lincoln Park, this park offers a quick respite from urban life with dense trees, lush ferns, creeks shimmering among the undergrowth. It™s a joy to step into this woodland setting in the midst of the city.

Heading west instead, I can be in Lincoln Park in about the same time. The park is popular for very good reason, with hilly forested trails, play fields, long beach-side walking path, and views of ferry traffic, wildlife and the beautiful Olympic Mountains. I never miss checking out the Love Rock, with its ever-changing motif. This loop includes the cardio workout of going first down, then back up, the 367 Thistle Street Stairs. Pre-corona virus, I was in that park a few times a week. I™ll be there again when there™s less worry about how many other fellow Lincoln Park lovers are there. Thankfully I have plenty of other routes to enjoy in the meantime.


One such option is heading north from my house. In that same 15 minutes or so, I™m at the highest point in the city. I think even many long-time locals don™t realize it™s actually West Seattle that holds the honor. Near the water towers that are such a landmark along this stretch of 35th Avenue SW, in the small Myrtle Reservoir Park, is a representation of Seattle™s prominent hills, showing their relative elevations (including Denny Hill™s before and after versions”Seattle history!).

Aside from those few park spaces, my neighborhood walks are quite residential. I get as much joy out of the gardens I pass by as I do from the sweeping views. There are so many rewards for getting out to explore.


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