Weekly Walk Around the News

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Feet First’s look at pedestrian news for the week of May 20, 2011.

Weekly Walk Around the News

Posted by Derrick Van Kirk May 20, 2011


Landscape architect James Corner of field operations unveiled his big ideas to recreate the Seattle Waterfront last night.  Also, the Southwest Spokane Street stairway restoration is underwayAccording to My Ballard, The Seattle Department of Transportation is planning a crosswalk study in Ballard.  And thanks to Chas Redmond, Feet First had a nice mention in the Maple Leaf Neighborhood news blog.



Over the past 10 years, Riverside County has been the fastest growing county in California.  The suburban sprawl (new cities lacking distinct downtown areas with cul-de-sacs) are often only within driving distance of the nearest shopping area and very little public transportation. This type of landscape is not only unwalkable, but unhealthy according to this article from California Healthline.

This press release announces that Trip Advisor and Walkscore have been added to the AARP Travel Center. 

The first video on this page, takes you on a short walking trip through walkable West Portland and less walkable East Portland with a Portland city planner.  He does a nice job describing the ’20 minute neighborhood index’ which includes the proximity of amenities, geographical terrain, and the built environment.     

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced two new programs aimed at decreasing traffic related deaths, including a new traffic sign with a skeleton that flashes when drivers are speeding


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