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The Seattle Department of Planning and Development is evaluating retail areas within Seattle neighborhoods to determine where to suggest adding to existing pedestrian retail areas.


The Central Area Greenway, the team working on a neighborhood greenway near the 23rd Avenue corridor, hosted drop-in sessions this week. The project is due to be completed before a major repaving project begins on 23rd Avenue.




Pasadena, California is working to slow down traffic. The city will be looking at a proposal to close some lanes on Colorado Boulevard, the city’s main thoroughfare, to slow down traffic.


If the Broncos win the Super Bowl, safety Mike Adams, who lives twelve miles from the field, says, “I’m going to keep my helmet and pads on, and I’m walking home.


A new book titled Street Design: The Secret to Great Cities and Towns looks at complete streets and argues that we should focus on enclosure, architecture, overall width, and trees.


New York’s crackdown on jaywalking is one enforcement initiative since de Blasio announced his Vision Zero plan.





London has introduced a measure that will ban lorries not outfitted with protection measures for pedestrians and cyclists, such as side guards and mirrors, from driving on city streets.


A study from the University of Queensland in Australia found that texting while walking can be hazardous. Participants who texted or read their phones walked slower and veered more off path. Several even reported to have had text message-related accidents.


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