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http://blog.seattleaquarium.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/Seattle-Parks-for-All.jpgSeattle voters will decide on Proposition 1, which calls for the creation of Metropolitan Parks District. Feet First joins dozens of other organizations in supporting Proposition 1. We all care about our parks and want to see them well maintained and accessible to all.


Local chapters of Architects Without Borders and Architecture for Humanity have teamed up to create a “Libraries on the Loose!” challenge, which invites individuals, businesses, students, community groups, and others to design and build their own Little Free Libraries.


A 2-year-old who was tragically struck by a pickup truck in Kent over the weekend has died from his injuries. The boy was running across an apartment complex toward his father when the 56-year-old driver was heading out on his way to work.





Houston’s Bayou Greenways plan aims to create a network of 300 miles of paths and more than 4,000 acres of parkland, which would amount to the largest urban trail system in the U.S.


Photo: Houston Parks BoardAccording to a national survey of experts, the likelihood of drivers to yield to pedestrians depends on a few key factors, including the width of the road you’re trying to cross, how many other pedestrians are in the area, and what part of the country you happen to be in.


A new knitted footwear technology, pioneered on an industrial scale by Nike and Adidas, is poised to enhance the sustainability of how shoes are manufactured, and support the positive trend valuing walkable communities.






In Medellín, Colombia, a series of escalators built in the neighborhood Comuna 13 have gained international attention, and paved the way for the city government and its institutions to better serve one of the city’s remotest areas.


New research from France shows that strangers are more helpful if they’ve recently strolled through a natural environment.



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Photos courtesy of Seattle Parks for All and Houston Parks Board



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