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Posted by Zoe Harris and Drew DeVitis




The South Park Community, Seattle Parks Foundation, and Barker Landscape Architects recently completed the South Park Green Space Vision Plan.


Kirkland City Council Members, Senator Andy Hill, King County Council Member Jane Hague, and other elected officials will be on the Cross Kirkland Corridor (CKC) this Saturday, June 28 to celebrate the construction of the Interim Trail.


The South Park Bridge is having its grand opening this Sunday, Jun 29th. Attendees will be invited to walk across the bridge and tour its south tower. The bridge incorporates many found objects, including functional and mechanical elements from the 1931 bridge.



California is working to reform the engineering concept called auto level of service or LOS, which focuses exclusively on auto LOS without any complementary metrics to measure impacts on transit, walking, or biking.


A study in Journal of Experimental Psychology shows that walking boosts creativity.


Tysons Corner, Virgnia, a suburb of DC known for its sprawling landscape, is getting a makeover that will improve accessibility for walkers and bicyclists.


An article from the Urbanist looks at “Designing at Ground Level“, emphasizing the importance of human scale and a pedestrian-oriented environment as a core component of good urban design.




The newly elected Mayor of Paris, Madame Anne Hidalgo, has prepared a sustainable mobility project where nearly all of the streets of the city will be subject to a maximum speed limit of 30 kilometers per hour, or about 18 miles per hour.


United Kingdom based transportation consultancy Steer Davies Gleave is using “motivational interviewing” to help metro area residents recognize situations in their own lives when it makes more sense to travel without a car.



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Photo courtesy of Ned Ahrens.

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