Walking Towards Community Engagement

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Feet First Walking Audit Supports Bellevue’s Transit Master Plan Update.

Walking Towards Community Engagement

Feet First Walking Audit Supports Bellevue’s Transit Master Plan Update

Feet First recently led two community walking audits in Downtown Bellevue to assess and analyze the current walking environment in Bellevue’s downtown core. Residents, business owners, employees and commuters observed obstacles to walking and shared their creative ideas to encourage walking both today as well as in the future. One of the takeaways from the community walking audits was to make sure safe and easy access was available to transit; specifically the future Bel-Red Link Light rail. At Feet First we know most folks are probably not going to walk ten miles to work, but if conditions are right, the chances people will walk a half mile to a bus stop or light rail line substantially increases.

The City of Bellevue is about to launch the 2030 Bellevue Transit Master Plan and the Feet First’s Bellevue Walking Audit Report will be used as a voice of the community to influence transportation choices.

As part of the planning process the City of Bellevue is also reaching out to citizens is through an online survey to examine the current state of transit service and ridership in Bellevue. There are questions on the survey that speak to areas where the City might want to “invest municipal resources to improve transit service in Bellevue”.  At Feet First we work to ensure all communities in Washington are walkable this often means connecting to transit options and supporting investments in infrastructure that supports places for people.

If you live or work in Bellevue take a moment to share your opinion that will help influence transportation planning for years to come.

As an added incentive, if you take the survey by March 23rd you may be eligible to win a prize!


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