Walkable Washington Program Internship

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Walkable Washington Program Internship


Since 2001, Feet First has been working across the state to ensure all communities in Washington are walkable. We help people take steps that create better places to live, learn, work, shop and playa world that cares about health, community, and the environment.



This position works directly with a team to support the mission of a small, non-profit organization to promote walkable communities. The Walkable Washington team is made up of Feet First board and Communication Committee members and the Executive Director. The Walkable Washington program is the first of its kind and recognizes and supports cities that are working towards more walkable and vibrant communities throughout Washington. As the Walkable Washington Intern, you work directly with the Executive Director and the Communications Committee to develop and further the goals of this new program.


Work Description

This position will involve:

  • Conducting outreach and follow-up with one on one interviews in person and by phone with city officials and staff
  • Carrying out in-depth research of pedestrian plans, projects, and programs throughout Washington
  • Designing information to be presented on to website
  • Helping to develop case studies to support the Walkable Washington program



This position plays an integral role in furthering the overall public awareness and statewide recognition of Feet First. This position entails a great deal of independent work with much room for creativity and personal input. More information about the Walkable Washington Program at: https://www.feetfirst.org/get-involved/walkablewashington


Time Commitment

Three months once per week for approximately 30-40 hours in total.



Lisa Quinn

Executive Director



Feet First
314 First Avenue South
Pioneer Square
Seattle, Washington 98104



There are numerous buses, light rail, and even ferries to the Feet First office in Seattle’s Pioneer Square. Secure, covered bicycle parking is available on site. Our office is a collaborative, open work environment in the NORD Building, which is a hub for like-minded sustainability organizations.


Skills Needed

To be successful for this position you should have:

  • Excellent writing and research skills
  • MS Word and Excel
  • Word Press (preferred)
  • High level in-person and telephone communication skills
  • Self-starter with initiative
  • Problem solving
  • Taking a large role in a small office
  • Comfortable working in an open office environment
  • Belief in the mission of the organization

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