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Walk2More LogoThe Walk2More Challenge is an eight week campaign (running from September 14 through November 9) that encourages people living and working near the Sound Transit Link Light Rail stations in southeast Seattle (Beacon Hill, Mt. Baker, Columbia City, Othello, and Rainier Beach) to walk to more local destinations instead of driving.


If you live in SE Seattle, challenge yourself to take a couple steps each day towards a happy, healthy and more connected lifestyle. Once you get in the habit of walking more, you’ll find walking to places easy, fun and more enjoyable. And with each step, you are creating a healthier more connected community.   Join the kick-off event on September 14, featuring a walk Mt. Baker Link to Lake walk. We imagine 500 people who live and work within a half mile around the Sound Transit Link Light Rail stations in Southeast Seattle pledging to substitute 3,000 short car trips for walking trips to simple errands in their community during the Walk2More Challenge. Help us meet our goal!   Starting in early September, look for 2,500 Link light rail station-area walking maps at community centers, libraries, and festivals. You’ll record their weekly miles, type of trips and number of trips through an online dashboard to be entered to win a weekly prize from a participating business sponsor.


If you would like to sponsor or provide a weekly prize, contact Drew DeVitis, Walking Promotions Coordinator, by emailing drew@feetfirst.org or calling 206.652.2310 ext. 5   This campaign is powered by Feet First with support from the City of Seattle Office of Sustainability and Environment.

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