The Walk2More Challenge Passes the Finish Line!

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Thanks for helping us go the extra mile by foot!  Your efforts made the Walk2More Challenge a huge success. Because of your dedication to converting short driving trips into walking trips, we exceeded our goal of 1,000 walking trips by 18 percent.


Overall, 88 of you from 7 teams logged 1,178 walking trips for a total distance of 1,483 miles. That’s equivalent to walking from Seattle to Albuquerque, New Mexico! All told, your steps saved over 1,350 pounds of CO2 emissions.


Excited to share his positive experience in the Walk2More Challenge, week two prize winner Ryan Harrison expressed, You simply see and experience more of your surroundings when you walk. We miss so much rushing around in our cars.  Even riding a bike does not compare. Making the transition to walking more has not been so hard.  Trips go by with little effort and the variety of stimuli passes the time and distance rather quickly.  I definitely know my neighborhood a little better now.


We hope that the Walk2More Challenge inspired you like our friend Ryan to continue to incorporate walking into your life, by turning short driving trips into fun, walking adventures. Let us know about how you are doing by emailing and your story could be featured as one of our Stories from the Sole.


Stay involved with Feet First and join us on monthly walks. Join our Feet First Walks Meetup group today.


Thanks to the generous support from the Seattle Office of Sustainability and Environment and our partners at Luum for creating a dynamic dashboard to collect data.


And finally, a big shout out to our community sponsors that include: Sound Transit, Starbucks, the Museum of Flight, Wabi-Sabi Sushi, and Tutta Bella for their generous support.


Happy trails and keep on walking!

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