Walk & Talk: Capitol Hill

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Feet First’s quarterly Walk & Talk, this time around Capitol Hill, will be held today! Get involved in your community and a gentle work-out!

Seattle City Councilmember Sally Clark, Sound Transit Deputy CEO Celia Kupersmith and community members will be taking a stroll around Seattle’s eclectic, diverse Capitol Hill.

The crew will stop to consider four sites that have transformed the neighborhood’s way of life, both in terms of sustainability and walkability.  The walk begins today (Tuesday, May 24) at 5:30 from the Old Fellows Building and ends with a reception and a chance to talk with Clark and Kupersmith around 7:30 in the Baltic Room.  Find full details here.

Part of what Feet First does is seed-planting.  That is, because the work of advocacy, and sustainability for that matter, cannot be done alone, Feet First knows that it cannot be the only organization striving for change for the better.  Implicit in these Walk & Talk events, then, is the opportunity to introduce everyone in attendance to some helpful resources, people, and tools for further advocacy in their own neighborhoods.  Connecting people with one another makes it both easier to take action promoting safer streets and sustainability, as well as to take opportunities to create changes in our communities. Getting to know council members and other government leaders provides opportunities for any interested person to have that much more affect in the shaping of the region’s life and decisions.

Every person, simply by living in community with others, is responsible for, well, living in community.  This means each person has a little bit of power to affect change.  How much easier it is to do good when you’ve got the right tools handy!  The quarterly Walk & Talks are just one way to begin developing those tools, so join Feet First, fellow community members and some of our city’s leaders today and begin filling your community advocacy toolbox.


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