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Read about (and take!) the latest survey designed by Americawalks.org and Feet First to help gain a better understanding of a typical walker’s profile. Add to their data collection anytime this month and support feet first!

Feet First has partnered with Americawalks.org (perhaps named for the optimistic view it takes on this country’s potential!) to begin some much-needed research on walking.  Surprising though such a commonplace thing as walking is, there are few statistics on America’s walkers – and thus, little understanding about target audiences, motivations for walking and who to empower to do so.

What we do know is that nearly one fourth of all trips in America are less than a mile long – as in, walkable distance.  We also know that relatively few are actually traveled on foot.  And we also know, at least theoretically, that walking is good for us.  What we don’t know is who listens to their doctors’ advice about walking, who doesn’t, and why.

Questions like these are critical for those advocating walkability.  Who should all this activist energy be targeted towards?  How can we encourage the non-walker and empower the walking-the-talk walker?  Americawalks.org has developed a survey to take a step towards answering those questions, which Feet First will be able to glean information from to help develop its programs, policies and persuasion even further. 

The National Walk Survey will help organizations with the means to influence walkability a window into the walkers’ world.  And, from personal experience, it helps an individual understand his or her own motivations for walking.  These insights, on and individual level and a corporate level will help those in the business of promoting walking – and thus, health and sustainability – know what to say to just about anyone!  So, take the short (5 minute) survey today!

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