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WATN 9/13/13


Posted by Kerry Dirk



The Rail-Volution conference will take place in Seattle this year from October 20-23. The conference, which focuses on thoughtful discussions about building livable communities with transit, will include 75 workshops, networking events, and toolbox sessions. Registration is currently open.


Mayor Mike McGinn announced that nearly $14 million will be invested in neighborhood transportation throughout Seattle as part of his 2014 Proposed Budget. These investments will focus on more funding for sidewalks, road paving, design work for bridge rehabilitation, and funding for coordinated transportation planning in four key corridors.


The Friends of Waterfront Seattle will host A Mayoral Forum, “The Future of Seattle Public Spaces,” on Thursday, September 26, from 5:30 – 7:30pm. The event will provide the public with the opportunity to learn more about the mayoral candidates’ vision for parks and public spaces in the urban core.



The sixth annual Growing Sustainable Communities Conference will take place September 24-25 in Dubuque, Iowa. The two-day conference is an educational opportunity for professionals, elected officials, and business leaders who have a common interest in sustainability.


Research shows that kids who live in walkable places, or smart growth neighborhoods,” get significantly more exercise than their peers who live in suburban environments designed for driving. The difference results in up to 46 percent more exercise for children in walkable communities.


A recent study found that living near good transit may increase one’s happiness. For the study, a researcher sent questionnaires to asking respondents to rate the quality of transit in their area (namely, service quality and accessibility) as well as the quality of their lives (how satisfied they were).


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has created, “Everyone is a Pedestrian,” a one-stop shop for safety tips and resources for local leaders, city planners, parents, and others interested in pedestrian safety.


The Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center recently published “An Overview and Recommendations of High-Visibility Crosswalk Marking Styles,” which provides a review of past and current research on crosswalk marking design, a review of the debate between marked and unmarked crosswalks, and a discussion of the effectiveness of various marking patterns.


A black bear in Gatlinburg, TN uses a crosswalk.


The Federal Highway Administration recently released its updated version of Pedestrian Safer Journey, an educational tool designed to helps educators, parents, and others better inform children and youth about safe walking skills.



A recent survey of transit riders in Mumbai found that only 15% of the 4,5000 women questioned feel safe in public transit. About 48% admitted that they have been harassed (verbally/physically), and 58% commuters don’t know the existence of railway helpline.


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Photo courtesy of pedbikeinfo.org


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