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Posted by Zoe Harris and Drew DeVitis




Lake City neighbors and Lake City Greenways participated in Crosswalk Action on Tuesday night to remind drivers to stop for pedestrians. Crosswalk Action legally crossed all four crosswalks at Lake City Way NE and NE 125th St.


Winners of the Feet First IWALK Challenge were announced this week. Prize winners include elementary schools from Anacortes, Seattle and Tumwater.




Playful crosswalks unveiled in downtown Baltimore, included hopscotch and giant zippers.


Keister Elementary in Harrisonburg, Virginia replaced an entire schools bus with a Walking School Bus each Friday.


Study from the National Center for Safe Routes to School shows that more students are walking to school. The NCSRTS reported a 27% increase in the number of students walking to school over the past five years.


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Photo courtesy of Architects Newspaper

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