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Posted by Zoe Harris and Drew DeVitis




Olympic Hills Elementary School families make Seattle’s Lake City neighborhood safer by installing pedestrian safety flags and buckets at the intersection of NE 137th Street and 30th Avenue NE.


Real-time bike counters now installed in nine locations around the city including four that count people walking too. Those four are located on the Burke-Gilman, I-90, Chief Sealth and Elliott Bay Trails.




San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors turns an eye to pedestrian safety in the new year after pedestrian fatalities hit a six-year high in 2013 at twenty. A 6-year-old girl and an 86-year-old man were both hit and killed by cars in separate incidents on New Year’s Eve.


School districts in the Washington D.C. area had a variety of responses to uncharacteristically cold weather. Some of the area’s students stayed home while others walked to school in near-zero temperatures.




The New Zealand Transport Agency released a public service announcement aimed to reframe the way people look at their driving speed. The message is that even the smallest of mistakes on the road can cost lives.


Brussels’ new mayor, Yvan Mayeur, aims to make Central Brussels car-free and turn the Belgian capital’s central axis into a pedestrian zone.


Six of England’s most impressive wildlife and geological sites have been opened up to public access by foot. This is the first stage in a plan to open up some of England’s most beautiful countryside for public use.


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Photos courtesy of the Seattle Department of Transportation

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