Advocacy works the same everywhere. Someone decides to get involved, finds people who share their values, learns from others who have done the work before, and then starts making real change on the ground. Feet First recognizes that there are many local advocates throughout Washington who are already working to make our streets safer and our communities more walkable. It is not just a matter of safety, it is a matter of equity. Feet First established the Statewide Advocacy Network in 2019 to help advocates around the state who are on that journey by offering support, championing their efforts, sharing best practices, and connecting them to like-minded advocates. Together, we can build momentum statewide to reform our transportation system.

We Invite You To Get Involved

Are you working to promote walkable communities? Contact us and let us know who, what, and where, and we can bring you into the network. Do you know others that are doing the work? Spread the word and send them our way! Furthermore, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and check out our blog. Give our signal a boost. The more people that learn about what we are doing, the more impact we will have!

Who is in the Network


SpokAT, working on all elements of active transportation, emphasis so far has been on walking and cycling


WaBi Burien, active transportation advocates


Walk Bike Bus BHam, working on active transportation issues


Olympians for People Oriented Places, land use and transportation advocacy


Bo-POP, land use and transportation advocacy


Livable Kirkland, focusing housing into complete/walkable communities connected by efficient tranportation (walk/bike/transit)

Kirkland Greenways, advocating for active transportation infrastructure


Yakima Bikes and Walks, active transportation advocates


Living Well Kent, POC led group focused on community health


Greater Redmond Transportation Management Association, non-profit focusing on mobility options for business

Statewide (Seattle-based)

Rooted in Rights WA (disability rights)

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