Location: Bellevue

Projected Opening: 2023

Background: Wilburton Station is an elevated station on Sound Transit’s East Link Extension, which connects light rail from downtown Seattle to Redmond. The station will be located near the Overlake Hospital Medical Center campus along the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) railway right-of-way. The area’s current land use mostly comprised of low-rise commercial and office spaces. 

Pedestrian Challenges: The Wilburton Station is located in area of large superblocks that impede pedestrian circulation. The two main arterials in the area (116th Avenue NE and NE 8th Street) are very wide and busy. However, future plans for the area include construction of a north-south regional trail along the BNSF right of way and a second Grand Connection crossing I-405 to connect with Downtown Bellevue.

Feet First Actions:

In early 2014, Feet First hosted a Walk & Talk to discuss the particular connections and opportunities for this station. We also participated in a Bellevue-led process to plan for transit-oriented development around the station.

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