Shoreline Station

Location: City of Shoreline

Projected Station Opening: 2024

Background: There will be two stations within the City of Shoreline located along the I-5 corridor at N 145th Street and at N 185th Street. Shoreline is currently planning a number of nonmotorized projects to facilitate access improvements to the stations and foster the development of walkable urban centers. Of particular importance is their proposed pedestrian and bike bridge at N 148th Street, which will connect the Shoreline South/145th Street Station with future pedestrian-oriented development west of I-5. Another key improvement is their proposed Trail Along the Rail project to provide a regional trail running parallel to I-5 connecting the two Shoreline stations.

Pedestrian Challenges: Both stations will be located next to the freeway, which makes pedestrian-oriented development around these stations a challenge – the freeways present a potential barrier constricting access to potential TOD on the other side.

Feet First Actions:

In 2019, Feet First hosted a Walk & Talk event at the Shoreline North/185th Street Station that brought together city officials, residents, and other interested stakeholders to discuss site-specific walkability issues. Feet First also participated on a steering committee advising the city on the development of a feasibility plan for their Trail Along the Rail effort.

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