Lynnwood StationLocation: Lynnwood 

Project Station Opening: 2024

Background: The Lynnwood station will be the northern terminal stop of the Lynnwood Link Extension, which extends light rail from the Northgate station into Snohomish County. Big-box retail stores and parking lots currently occupy much of the station area around the Lynnwood Transit Center and the proposed Lynnwood Link station. These two types of land uses present prime redevelopment opportunities for transit-oriented development around the future link station. Once the Lynnwood Link opens in 2024, the station will serve as  major regional transfer hub between Sound Transit, Community Transit, and other travel modes near the station.

Pedestrian Challenges: The existing conditions around the station area is not pedestrian friendly due to its current auto-oriented street designs and land uses. Being in the heart of transportation and land use activities, the station requires better pedestrian connections between the station and its nearby destinations. Opportunities exist to provide more pedestrian-friendly connection to the Interurban Trail, and neighborhoods south of I-5.

Feet First Actions:

Feet First held a Walk & Talk in early 2016 at this station location. Beginning at the Verdant Health Commission building, the walk provided an opportunity to discuss various access points to the future station and other improvements to make the area more inviting and safe for people to walk. Feet First advocated for improving and creating pedestrian infrastructure around the station and make this station a equitable urban village. 

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