Everett Station

Location: City of Everett

Projected Station Opening: 2036

Background: The extension of light rail to the City of Everett is currently not scheduled to begin until 2036, but the city and local stakeholders are already hard at work planning for it. Property owners, business owners, social service providers, and other stakeholders (including Feet First) have come together to form the Everett Station District Alliance to discuss challenges and opportunities to foster a vibrant community around the Everett Transit Station.

Pedestrian Challenges: One major challenge in planning for Everett light rail is that the station would be a considerable distance from Everett’s downtown core. The District Alliance has developed a package of nonmotorized improvements to facilitate access between the station and downtown Everett.

Feet First Actions:

Feet First has been working with Everett Station District Alliance participating in meetings and advising them on pedestrian issues.

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