Socially-Distanced Walking with Feet First Proven Possible in Kent

Neighborhood Walking Ambassador - Walking in pairs in Kent


At Feet First, we miss walking with you. Our group walks, from Jane’s Walks to Stairway Walks to our many Neighborhood Walking Ambassador walks, mean a lot to us, and we are bummed the pandemic has kept us from doing them. That said, Neighborhood Walking Ambassador Chris Ensor, in Kent, has done a fantastic job with walks that meet the King County guidelines, while still getting people out and about! Working with some great volunteers, Chris is doing socially distanced walks, where people are doing the same walk, but just separately. We’re grateful for his continued effort and energy at making this happen!

Here are a few of the many great pictures he’s sent us, including a number of volunteers! We’re thankful for all the work required to keep everyone safe and healthy. If you’d like to learn more about the kind of walks that are possible during the pandemic, please write to us at

Socially-Distanced Walk in Kent - Chris Ensor
Socially-Distanced Walk in Kent - Participant Single
Socially-Distanced Walk in Kent - Bridge
Socially-Distanced Walk in Kent - 6feet distance

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