Shoreline’s Steps Towards Walkability


The City of Shoreline has developed a transportation plan that includes all forms of transit – driving, cycling, walking, busing – providing a great how-to example to other cities.

It took over two years, but the city of Shoreline has just released a draft of their Transportation Master Plan for 2011, and it is quite the victory for pedestrians!

Posted by Megan Risley September 19, 2011

With a chapter each for cycling, walking and transit (and each with multiple sections detailing elaborate plans), this draft shows us what a “complete streets” approach looks like for cities.  Alicia McIntyre writes in her e-mail update announcing the new plan just some of the accomplishments of the plan:

  • Goals, Policies, implementation strategies that identify how to improve and expand Shoreline’s transportation system
  • Bicycle, Pedestrian and Transit System Plans that show complete systems for mobility throughout the City
  • Prioritized projects for funding including bicycle, pedestrian and safety projects
  • Projects needed to accommodate growth over the next twenty years
  • Updated street classifications that match the existing use of the street with the appropriate classification
  • A funding strategy to pay for the identified improvements
  • An updated concurrency standard that ensures adequate transportation facilities will be in place as growth occurs

The next step is a public hearing to be held on October 27, 2011, to allow the Planning Committee to hear and consider comments from the community so that they might gain feedback.  More information about this meeting will be posted on Shoreline’s city government website, so do check back for updates.

A comprehensive approach to urban transit, Shoreline’s plan demonstrates that it is well on its way to becoming a Feet First Agenda city, along with Redmond, Kirkland, Bellevue and Seattle.  Feet First Agenda cities meet all nine of its guidelines for developing walkable communities and proves that sustainability through walkability is attainable for cities!

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