Shoreline’s 148th Crossing Earns Feet First Support

Shoreline Ped Bridge


As construction continues on the future South Shoreline light rail station, the City of Shoreline is seeking funding to construct a non-motorized crossing of I-5 at NE 148th. Feet First recently submitted a letter of support for federal funds for this project. We believe it is an important connection, similar to our sustained support for the John Lewis Bridge at Northgate .

The station will be located north of the NE 145th interchange with I-5. Although improvements are planned for NE 145th, the street will continue to host freeway connecting traffic. A new connection at NE 148th will not only be dedicated to nonmotorized traffic only, it will also provide a direct connection to the station, as opposed to the NE 145th crossing.

Shoreline has upzoned areas on both sides of I-5 in advance of light rail service. Access to light rail is an important part of minimizing personal vehicle trips, for both new and current residents of Shoreline. While people east of I-5 will not have the same barrier to cross to access the station, people west of I-5 will benefit from a new dedicated crossing.

This crossing will also provide access to Shoreline’s planned Trail Along The Rail, which will be a multi-use path connecting up to the North Shoreline station at 185th, and will help provide better access for pedestrians to safe walking routes, both already built and planned, in Shoreline and beyond.

If you share Feet First’s support for this project, please reach out to your Congressperson to let them know. And if you have a project you’d like us to know about, please reach us at Shoreline is also seeking additional funding from the State for this project due to construction cost increases, which have added about $8 million to the project cost. Legislators could look at Climate Commitment
Act revenues as a source for funding, and Feet First encourages you to contact your legislators.

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