Seattle Mayor Increases Walk Bike Ride by $5 Million

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Seattle Mayor McGinN has proposed his 2011/2012 budget. A $5 million dollar increase for peds, bicyclists and transit Riders.

This budget includes more support for walking, biking, and transit. We’ll need your help in order for Seattle to be an equitable, healthy, and safe city for people that walk, bike, and ride.

Walk Bike Ride includes an increase of over $5 million dollars in 2011 of funding for pedestrians, bicyclists, and transit riders and an increase of over $8 million in 2012. Though the need is far greater than this amount, these funds will still provide a big benefit for neighborhoods across Seattle.

Below is a summary of the Walk Bike Ride package. The proposed increase in revenue is made up of a raise in the commercial parking tax (a tax on commercial parking lots) and a vehicle license fee. These funds can only be used for transportation projects.

Important ways you can get involved:1. Make your comment online 2. Tell the City Council what’s important to you in person, at one of the three public hearings they’ve scheduled.

Wednesday, September 29Northgate Community Center Gym10510 5th Ave NE, 981255 p.m. Sign-in5:30 p.m. Public Hearing    Wednesday, October 13The Brockey Center at South Seattle Community College6000 16th Avenue SW, 981065 p.m. Sign-in5:30 p.m. Public Hearing    Tuesday, October 26Seattle City HallCouncil Chambers, 2nd floor600 Fourth Avenue, 981045 p.m. Sign-in5:30 p.m. Public Hearing

Here is an outline the Walk Bike Ride package.

Safe, Healthy Neighborhoods

More Neighborhood Street Fund projects that will improve neighborhoods. These projects have undergone an extensive ranking process involving district councils, neighborhood residents, and the Bridging the Gap Oversight Committee. These projects include:

  • Cedar Park: NE 12th St: new sidewalk between Sand Point and 35th Ave NE (2011)
  • Central District: E Union pedestrian and bike improvements between E Madison and 13th St (2011)
  • South Park: 8th Ave South: new sidewalk between S Director and S Concord Streets (2011)
  • Arbor Heights: 35th Ave SW sidewalk between SW 97th and 104th St (2012)
  • Crown Hill: 18th Ave NW sidewalks between NW 85th and NW 89th St (2012)
  • Pioneer Square: 3rd Ave S sidewalk repair between Prefontaine Pl S and S Washington St (2012)
  • Full funding for the Linden Ave North Complete Streets project.

Projects that speed up implementation of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plans. This means more sidewalks, bike facilities, crossing improvements, stairways, pedestrian lighting, and other neighborhood improvements.Creation of a bikeshare program in Seattle.

A Dependable, Connected Transportation System


A boost to larger projects that have a bigger impact. Projects receiving funding include:


          o The Lake to Bay Loop Urban Trail

          o Bike/pedestrian improvements on the Ballard Bridge

          o The Chief Sealth Trail

          o The Mountains to Sound Greenway Trail


Frequent, Reliable Transit


Completion of the Transit Master Plan and potential early implementation of recommendations


Creating Great Places


Support for Summer Streets events in 2011/2012

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