Prevent 17 percent cuts to service that would affect 4 out of 5 King County transit riders

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Feet First is a partner of Transportation for Washington. This group has been working hard to prevent massive cuts at King County Metro.  The cuts would mean more congestion, pollution, and inequity.

To prevent 17 percent cuts to service that would affect 4 out of 5 riders, the King County Council must adopt a 2-year stop-gap measure on Monday, July 25. The state legislature approved this temporary congestion relief charge just for King County Metro, understanding the great number of efficiencies, cuts, and fare increases that Metro has already done.

Through many of the collective efforts, more than 12,500 people have written letters or signed petitions to the city council and more than 1,500 people have attended public hearings.  As a result, Transportation for Washington has secured the strong support of a fifth vote for the stop-gap: Councilmember Julia Patterson.  But for the council to adopt the measure itself without it going for a public vote in November, we need one more supporter.

 That’s why it’s critical that you attend the council meeting.

Date/Time: Monday, July 25, 3pm

Location: Council Chambers, 10th Floor, King County Courthouse

Address: 516 Third Avenue, Seattle WA

Although the meeting is during the day, testifying should be pretty easy.  Unlike the previous Seattle hearing, there will probably be no huge lines. You can sign-up to testify at 1pm, pick-up a number, and come back to testify later at 3pm or when it’s your turn.

The congestion relief charge could be sent to the November ballot, but that’s not the best thing.  First, adopting the charge with a two-thirds supermajority would satisfy one of Eyman’s criteria for tax changes (voter approval or 2/3rds legislative supermajority), and it would be the third endorsement or approval by a legislative body.  Second, the charge is a temporary emergency measure until the legislature finds a long-term solution voters should vote on long-term solutions, not emergencies. Third, we have plenty of other things to be organizing around.




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