Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety is Under Attack in the US House

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The US House wants to strike down the Cardin-Cochran amendment, which preserves local access to federal funding for pedestrian and bicycle safety.

Pedestrian and bicycle safety is under attack in the US house

Posted by Rose Petersky

June 13, 2012

An important provision in the transportation bill to help make our streets safer for everyone is under sharp attack says Transportation for America. House negotiators are pushing to eliminate the Senate’s bipartisan plan to give our communities guaranteed access to money for making streets safer for walking and biking.They want to give the state sole power over whether local communities can fix dangerous conditions for kids on the way to school, for pedestrians, the elderly, or anyone who walks or uses a bicycle. Tell your elected leaders in Congress to preserve and defend the Cardin-Cochran amendment.House negotiators want states to be able to opt out of a program that give local communities access to federal funding for pedestrian and bicycle safety. They would eliminate the small amount of money going directly to metropolitan areas and let states decide whether communities ever see a dime ” a direct slap in the face of city councils, mayors, and county leaders from across the country and the ideological spectrum who have written Congress imploring them for this important provision.

In the past, Feet First has advocated for this amendment. We want our work ensuring that all communities are walkable to have support from our elected officials. In the past decade, more than 47,000 pedestrians have been killed in the United States. Children and the elderly were disproportionally represented in that figure. We believe that something as essential as the safety of pedestrians and cyclists should be well-funded, and that local leaders, those who are the most aware of the needs of their communities, should have the resources they need to make their communities as safe and livable as possible. 

We need the Senate to stand up and defend their bill, and we need the House to back down from this shortsighted plan. Feet First urges you to write to your Senators and Representative and tell them to defend the Cardin-Cochran amendment. 

To learn more about how to advocate for a pedestrian-friendly infrastructure nationwide, sign up for Transportation for America’s email list or follow them on Facebook. 

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