(PARK)ing Day – Sept. 21

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Feet First is joins the international event encouraging us to rethink the way we develop and use land in our cities.

Feet First Joins with other groups to turn parking in pioneer square a pop up park for the day.  Take a look at all of the parks (Friday, September, 21), from 9:00 a.m to 3:00 p.m. all throughout Seattle!

Almost 28 percent of public land in Seattle is used for automobiles – and this doesn’t include paved parking lots! PARK(ing) Day, the annual worldwide event, invites us to reconsider how we’re using our land by turning some of these paved parking spots throughout our city into temporary public parks.

Last year In Seattle, that meant that fifteen street parking spaces, from Rainier Valley to Fremont, will be taken up by PARK(ing) Day participants.  What will there be this year? As people pass by, the sight of a parking space being used as a park will encourage them to imagine what city life would be like if there was more green space for the public to enjoy, connect with and walk to. Have you checked out the new ParkScore developed by the cool cats at the Trust for Public Land? Take a look at how your Seattle measures up to other cities. How do you think our friends in Portland compares to Seattle. 

This year the City of Seattle is taking the lead on PARK(ing) Day. For more information about PARK(ing) Day, contact Dawn Schellenberg, Seattle Department of Transportation by emailing Dawn.Schellenberg@seattle.gov 

Be sure to walk around these neighborhoods and visit the many temporary parks community members have set up! 

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