Meet Our Board Members

John Stewart bio photo

John Stewart


John Stewart is a Board member, past Board President, and a Feet First volunteer since 2000. Having lived car free as a frustrated pedestrian, he’s worked to advance Feet First’s mission to make Washington communities walkable. 

Walking sits at the center of so many things, and communities that are walkable are healthier, and more FUN! As a parent, John has a longstanding interest in Safe Routes to School. John has worked on Feet First’s Neighborhoods on Foot maps, led dozens of walks, and is a big fan of the Neighborhood Walking Ambassador program. He’s also an avid Mariners fan.


Jim Davis

Vice President
Chair of Development Committee

Jim has been with Feet First from its origins in 1995. He has a Master’s Degree in Urban Planning from the University of Washington (1992). Now retired, Jim was a transportation planner for King County, for a time overseeing their sidewalk-building program. He currently lives car-free in the very walkable Green Lake neighborhood of Seattle. In his spare time, Jim enjoys bicycling, studying history, and listening to Ms games.

Rob Fellows

Chair of Policy Committee

Rob Fellows is a board member and Chair of the Policy Committee. Rob grew up in a car-captive suburb and was motivated to take up transportation planning to reduce the environmental, community, and isolation effects of car-captivity (even though he likes to drive when it makes sense). Among other priorities, he would like to help Feet First connect practitioners, activists, and developers – people shaping communities – with practical resources to transform car-centric sprawl into vibrant walkable communities. Rob works as a transportation planning manager at WSP.

Jon Cowin

What would Washington look like if every individual could get around and accomplish daily tasks by walking or biking? If everyone was empowered to get out and be more active? How can we bring safe, accessible, walkable spaces to every corner of Washington state? 

Jon joined Feet First out of a passion for walking and to promote the general health benefits of an active lifestyle. With the emergence of Feet First’s Walk with Ease program and statewide network, Feet First is getting closer to improving people’s lives throughout Washington. Jon currently resides in Kirkland after having lived in Bellevue, Seattle, Renton, and Kent.

Mike Ingram headshot

Mike Ingram


Michael Ingram is a professional transportation planner. He values the freedom and mobility, health benefits, and community connections of walking. Mike wants to make a choice to walk more viable in communities across the state, so all can enjoy the benefits of walking in comfortable and safe conditions.

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