Olympia, WA: Transportation Advocacy Day

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This morning, citizens will participate in workshops led by transportation experts and then take this knowledge to where it matters most – meetings with legislators – in the state capital of Washington to push for healthier, safer and more sustainable developments in the state’s transportation system.

Transportation Advocacy Day is the largest ever with over 200 people across Washington attending the event

The only way we’re going to get bold reform to fix our transportation crisis is to let legislators hear directly from their constituents, said Rob Johnson, Co-chair for Transportation for Washington, of which Feet First is a member, and Executive Director of Transportation Choices Coalition.  Over 200 activists from across Washington state agree and so, are gathering in Olympia starting this morning and staying all day.  They have one objective – better transportation.  This means both ensuring that short-sighted bills don’t pass and that the bills that do thoroughly take into account these three things: 

1)  Fix things first.  Many bridges and overpasses across the state are in crumbling conditions.  Repairing these dangerously damaged transportation structures will not only make sure that future transportation investments go towards stimulating the economy, creating jobs and building safer, healthier communities but will save lives. 

2) Make more options.  Washington needs to invest in a variety of options, not just building more or wider roads.  Participants in today’s Transportation Advocacy Day will be pushing for transportation developments that will decrease pollution and road congestion and connect all of our communities, including our more rural ones. 

3)  The healthier, the better.  Advocates will also be pushing for transportation improvements that makes getting from home to work to other neighborhoods to anywhere else you may need to go easier and affordable without sacrificing sustainability and the health of our communities. As a complement to these efforts, Feet First is pushing to get Safe Routes to School dollars in the Governor’s Transportation Budget this year. 

The day will begin at United Churches of Olympia (110 11th Ave SE, Olympia) with workshops for participants led by transportation experts and continue with meetings with legislators.  They will present the case for stronger, more sustainable transportation development and specifically discuss actual pieces of legislation that are currently being considered.  

This event provides an opportunity for Washington to move walkability, health and sustainability to the top of the transportation priorities list.


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