Northgate Infographic

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A Feet First infographic showcasing the opportunities for Sound Transit in Northgate.

Northgate Infographic

May 28th, 2012

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We envision Northgate as a high density, highly connected, highly walkable community.  At $44,444 per parking space Sound Transit’s proposed garage is an affront to Seattle policy, an uninspired use of Sound Transit taxpayer funds, and a monument to auto dependency. 

Northgate represents a unique opportunity to transform a traditionally auto-dominated neighborhood into a more walkable, bikeable, and transit-oriented community with greater access to retail, grocery stores, medical services, schools, libraries,and parks.

Join us on Monday, June 4th, at 6pm at Olympic View Elementary for Sound Transit’s open house to discuss Northgate construction plans. Let Sound Transit know that Northgate deserves transparent community engagement and an approach that supports walkability. Call us at Feet First to get involved today 206.652.2310 ext 4. 

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