New Policy Paper on Sidewalk Maintenance



Feet First’s Policy Committee has begun to update and fill gaps in our policy papers. Our newest policy paper is on Sidewalk Maintenance. We find that proper maintenance of sidewalks is important for providing safe pedestrian access, especially for individuals with mobility limitations. Holding private property owners exclusively responsible for public sidewalk maintenance is demonstrably an ineffective approach that is challenging to fund and enforce. As a result, many sidewalks are in poor condition and noncompliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Feet First believes cities should assert their responsibility for maintaining sidewalks as an essential component of the public right of way. Several approaches are discussed.

Download the Sidewalk Maintenance paper here. Our other policy papers are listed on our Policy page. If you have comments on the Sidewalk Maintenance paper or would like to help Feet First update and maintain our policy papers, write to us at

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