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Come and be a part of Moving Planet Seattle this Saturday – join the parade of cyclists and walkers, attend a workshop and hear Feet First’s own Lisa Quinn speak at the day-long event to rally for a sustainable future!

This Saturday, September 24, Lake Union Park will host one of over 2,000 Moving Planet events worldwide.  Moving Planet, organized by, is a day of rallying around the globe to demand solutions to the climate crisis with a particular focusing in moving beyond fossil fuels as a main energy source.

Posted by Megan RisleySeptember 23, 2011

From 9am to 1pm, parade over to Lake Union park in your boat, on your bike or on your feet to gather for the day’s events.  Starting at 10am, meet at the China Harbor Restaurant (a ten-minute walk from South Lake Union) to participate in the take-action workshops: one led by Power Past Coal and one by Transportation for Washington.  Learn how to support the effort to move our communities past coal and find greener, more sustainable transportation solutions that accommodate everyone.  

Lunch, live music and information booths will be available between 10am and 2pm at Lake Union Park.  Try an eBike, get an Undriver’s license, try a Stand-Up Paddle Board or take a Feet First walk!  This walk meets at the Feet First both and will follow a route from the Lake to the Bay, making three stops along the way.  It’s free but limited to twenty people, so register by phone (206-652-2310) or e-mail ( today by 5! 

The rally to move beyond fossil fuels goes from 2pm to 3pm with speakers from many organizations in the city of Seattle, including Mayor Michael McGinn, Seattle Parks and Recreation Superintendent Christopher Williams, Climate Solutions Policy Director and Feet First’s own Executive Director Lisa Quinn.  The day will culminate in a reception and awards to young adults working in the environmental justice field beginning at 4:30.

This Saturday is a timely opportunity to show support for walkability – by walking to and attending the many educational and fun events planned for the day.  The entire day centers around combating climate change and demanding clean, sustainable solutions to our energy and transportation needs – and one of the best ways to support these goals is by choosing the cleanest, least expensive option for transportation there is: walking!



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