Meet the Seattle Safe Routes to School Partnership

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Announcing a new collaboration between old friends.


In 2014, the Seattle Department of Transportation announced a request for proposals for a Safe Routes to School (SRTS) grant project with four Seattle Schools. Rather than compete for the contract, several local stakeholders decided to join together on the bid, and so the Seattle Safe Routes to School Partnership was born.


The partnership is a group of local players in active transportation in Seattle: Feet First, Cascade Bicycle ClubSeattle Neighborhood Greenways, Alta Planning + Design, and the Harborview Injury Prevention and Research Center. By working together, the team seeks to take a decisive step forward to advance active school commuting throughout Seattle.


The task at hand is to bring comprehensive SRTS services to four partner schools: South Shore PK-8, Mercer Middle School, Greenwood Elementary School and Wedgwood Elementary School. One of the first tasks completed by this group was a Walk and Bike Audit Report for Wedgwood Elementary School. Surveying the area in depth and with community input will help the team go on to create a bike-to-school map and circulation plan for the school.


For more information about our efforts with the partner schools check out these websites:Greenwood Elementary, Mercer Middle School, South Shore PK-8 and Wedgwood Elementary


Sharing best practices, aligning skills and purposes, and integrating information across agencies, the Seattle Safe Routes to School Partnership seeks to contribute to a future in which active school commuting is the Seattle norm.


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