Make your voice heard on the Seattle Transportation Plan Update!



Do you live, work, or visit the city of Seattle? If so, the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) wants to hear from you.

SDOT is currently in the process of updating their Transportation Plan — their commitment to building a transportation system that provides everyone with access to safe, efficient, and affordable options to reach places and opportunities. This plan will guide local transportation investments for the next 20 years. 

You can help develop the Seattle Transportation Plan by visiting the Seattle Transportation Plan Online Engagement Hub to:

  • Review the plan’s vision, goals, and objectives
  • Share what future of transportation you want to see

Tell them what actions you like and how you want them to become part of our transportation system!

Feet First strongly recommends you voice your support for programs and policies that further comprehensive maintenance of sidewalks and other components of their walking transportation, system. Sidewalks provide the ability to safely walk or roll and supports employment, equity, accessibility, and carbon emission reduction. For those without access to a car and those needing mobility assistance, poorly maintained or missing sidewalks can prevent access to goods and services, impacting quality of life. Moreover, the quality of our pedestrian networks impacts almost everyone. Even someone who drives, bikes, or rides transit may use sidewalks for a portion of their trip.

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Your donation will help us to:

put on neighborhood walks and provide walking resources

raise awareness throughout Washington about the benefits of walkable communities and rights of the pedestrians

host events and programs focused on improving walkability