Legislation Aims to Reduce ‘Distracted Driving


We’ve all probably done it even though we know it’s wrong: Yup, texting while driving.

“Distracted driving is a rising factor in serious injuries and fatalities for pedestrians hit by vehicles. In 2015, Washington experienced a 19% increase in overall traffic fatalities; fatalities involving distracted driving increased 32%. Research indicates that cell phone use is more highly predictive of poor driving performance than any other potential distraction and increases crash risk by almost three times. A survey by AAA Foundation revealed that two-thirds of drivers supported restrictions on cell phone use while driving, even while 70 percent of these same drivers admit doing it.

Two bills in the legislature would send a strong signal that distracted driving is not OK. Here are some key points to tell your state representatives and state senators:

I support increased enforcement and penalties for distracted driving, especially texting while driving. Please support distracted driving legislation (HB 1371 and SB 5289) currently introduced in the state house and senate.

It’s wrong for a distracted driver to place other people at greater risk of serious injury or death for the sake of a text.

It’s time to protect people on foot who are most vulnerable to serious or fatal injuries if hit by a vehicle with a distracted driver.

Here are easy ways to voice your support:
Find your state representatives and state senators information
Call hotline or submit written comments by clicking the comment on this bill tab on the bill’s webpage.

Hotline: 1-800-562-6000
House Bill:  HB1371
Senate Bill:  SB5289

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