Lead a Jane Jacobs Walk

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Become a part of Jane’s Walk on May 2 & 3

Jane’s Walk is an annual event held on the first weekend of May, which celebrates the ideas and legacy of urbanist Jane Jacobs by getting people out to explore their communities. Free walking tours are led by locals who want to create a space to talk about what matters to the community in the places where they reside. Last year more than 800 walks were held in 100 cities across 22 countries worldwide. Last year in Seattle alone, we hosted 16 walks! In 2015, we have a goal to increase the number of neighborhood walks to 20. Please help us achieve this goal and lead a walk.


What we need from you:

  • Save the date. You can lead a tour on either May 2 or May 3 (or both!).
  • Pick a theme. Walk can be anything (architecture, local culture and history, city planning, local cuisine, nature, etc.) as long as it gets people walking, observing their surroundings, and connecting with each other.
  • Plan a route based on important or unique spots in your neighborhood
  • Bring a friend. If your tour gets popular it helpful to have someone to act as a sweep and keep the group moving together. (It’s also nice to have someone to take all your PR photos!)
  • Go for depth over breadth these walks don’t have to cover a wide territory. In fact, it’s best if you draw out details and stories
  • Have fun! Add a creative touch to your tour by using props or even reading poetry. Feet First can help you partner with local historians in your area to add to your identified points of interest.

There are only two rules:

  • Walks should be taken and given for free
  • They should be walking conversations.

Feet First’s role:

  • Promote the event through blogs, newspapers and social media
  • Help guides partner with local historians or other notable members of the community



To register to lead a walk, click here or use the form below. To learn more about leading a walk in the Puget Sound region, contact Jules Feibelmann, Project Specialist at jules@feetfirst.org or call 206.652.2310 ext. 5. For more information about Feet First, visit our website www.feetfirst.org. For more information on Jane’s Walk, visit www.janeswalk.net.




Thank you for your donation!

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Your donation will help us to:

put on neighborhood walks and provide walking resources

raise awareness throughout Washington about the benefits of walkable communities and rights of the pedestrians

host events and programs focused on improving walkability