Jane’s Walk Festival 2020, Virtual Edition

Welcome to Jane’s Walks, Virtual Edition, for these pandemic times. While we can’t walk with you in person this year, we want to continue to honor the spirit of Jane Jacobs, and to share walks you can do yourself, as your time and social distancing permit. Although all of this year’s walks happen to be in Seattle, we hope these walks will give folks throughout Washington an inspiration, wherever you live, to think about your neighborhood or town or city in a new way – to celebrate the successes and dream about the things we’d like to see.

Thornton Creek/Thornton Place
by Cheryl Wheeler

This is a short walking tour of one part of the Thornton Creek natural area. The Thornton Creek Watershed starts in the North Seattle College area and flows downhill to Lake Washington. This walk is just a small part of the watershed area…continue reading

520 Feet in West Seattle
by Hannah Love

The highest point in Seattle is in West Seattle in the High Point neighborhood. It is at 520 feet of elevation. This is a walk from sea level at Lincoln Park to that high point…continue reading

Olympic Sculpture Park to Smith Cove
by Julia Reitan

This is a great Seattle urban hike with lots to see along the way, from incredible views of Elliot Bay, the Olympic Mountains, and Mt Rainier, to the SAM Sculpture Park, Myrtle Edwards Park, Seattle Rose Garden…continue reading

Central Area Jewish History
by John Stewart

This walk will take you down quiet streets, often lined with trees, and in some cases with houses that were built shortly after the turn of the last century. Other streets are lined with sleek new structures, some under construction, signs of the changes the Central Area has seen in its complex history…continue reading

West Seattle Neighborhood
by Cynthia

When we bought our house 20 years ago, neighborhood walkability wasn™t a prime factor in our decision. I™m just grateful the house we chose happened to include the bonus of many outstanding options for walks. The most adventurous of which, a 12-mile loop around the peninsula…continue reading

Groundswell NW Ballard Parks 
by Dave Boyd

Join us on a tour of some of our projects in Ballard, where we got our start. The tour starts at Ballard Commons Park in central Ballard and proceeds counterclockwise for about 3 miles (without side trips), but of course you can start at any point and go in either direction…continue reading


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