Hundreds of kids walked thousands of miles in October!

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Seattle Elementary School students walked to school during IWALK month

Numerous Seattle Elementary Schools encouraged students to walk during International Walk to School Month by hosting ‘Walk to School’ events.

This October elementary students throughout Seattle made an effort to walk to school in celebration of International Walk to School Month.   When the walkers arrived at school they were greeted by Feet First staff who tracked the number of miles and trips walked by the students throughout the duration of their school’s particular Walk to School event.  Events ranged from month-long, week-long, and one-day events.

The month-long event held at Concord Elementary was part of Concord’s ongoing Walk Around the World event.  Over the last two years Concord has held 3 month-long Walk to School events.  They started with a goal of walking the equivalent of the distance between Seattle and Mexico City, or about 2,300 miles!  During their most recent attempt this October, 150 students walked a total of 677.5 miles, which, when added to their totals accumulated during their past events, equates to about 2,340 miles.  Congratulations Concord, you made it to Mexico City!

Greenlake Elementary also hosted a month-long Walk to School event.  Feet First’s Mascot, the Chicken, made an appearance several mornings at Greenlake, where she asked the students Why did the chicken cross the road? to which the correct answer was To (safely) get to Greenlake Elementary!  With the encouragement of the chicken, 80 Greenlake students walked an impressive 806.5 miles in October!  Nice job Greenlake!

Coe Elementary School held a week-long Walk to School event from 10/10 10/13.  Each day of the campaign had a different theme, including scavenger hunt day, chicken day, and trash pick-up day.  Students at Coe really got into the event and made a fantastic effort to walk to school.  Overall, 123 students walked 204 miles in just 4 days!  Way to go Coe!

Concord, Greenlake, and Coe are just a few of the 15 elementary schools in Seattle, 33 in King County, and 61 in the state of Washington that participated in International Walk to School Month.  This number continues to expand each year, if you would like to be a part of this growing number and host a Walk to School Event in the future please contact Feet First by emailing or calling 206-652-2310.  And, if you are interested in reading more stories about local Elementary Schools’ Walk to School events, please visit and click on the Our Stories tab.

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