Help shape Washington’s transportation system!

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Take an online survey, created by the Washington State Transportation Commission, to help shape Washington State’s transportation policy!

Feet First needs your help! The Washington State Transportation Commission has put together an online survey to learn what Washington’s transportation needs are, and how we want to move forward.

Posted by Megan Risley

October 21, 2011

As a Washington resident, here’s your chance to speak up for pedestrian project funding at the State level. You can take the survey and speak out for walkable cities and sustainable, healthy modes of transportation! Encourage Washington to build these priorities into the state’s budget and fiscal-year planning.

The survey asks questions that deal with:

priorities – what types of transportation are most important to you?

fundinghow should transportation developments be paid for? 

current funding usagehow should the revenue from tolls be spent? 

The survey takes about a half an hour to complete.


Across the state, conversations about these topics continue with Transportation for Washington. If you live in Seattle there is a ballot initiative this November called Proposition 1, which hopes to address some of these problems at the local level. Feet First encourages you to support Proposition 1.

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Your donation will help us to:

put on neighborhood walks and provide walking resources

raise awareness throughout Washington about the benefits of walkable communities and rights of the pedestrians

host events and programs focused on improving walkability