Help create the South Park Neighborhoods on Foot Walking Map


Help create the South Park Neighborhoods on Foot Walking Map

Connected Communities Begin with Places to Go by Foot 
Feet First is asking for the community input for the first Neighborhoods on Foot Walking Map of South Park. Community members will be asked to share where they walk in South Park, what route they take to get to school, parks, stores and friends’ homes. 
Neighborhoods on Foot Community Meetings:
Tuesday, March 13, 8pm-8:30pm (as a part of the South Park Neighborhood Association Meeting)
8201 10th Avenue S, Seattle 98108 
Thursday, March 29, 5:30pm-7:00pm
South Park Community Center 
8319 8th Avenue S Seattle 98108*
*Childcare and light snacks will be provided. 

The map will be completed by June 2012. Funding is provided by Washington State Department of Transportation in conjunction with a Safe Routes to School grant for Concord Elementary School. The map will provide people who live, work and play in the neighborhood an easy tool to go by foot.
We have found working the last two years in South Park that there are many community assets making this neighborhood vibrant, from the school, Duwamish River, Marra Farm, festivals and the local business district, South Park thrives from the people in the community, Feet First, Executive Director Lisa Quinn said. 
Feet First develops walking maps feature local landmarks, walking routes, bike routes, transit options and more. By engaging South Park residents in the mapmaking process, Feet First gathers critical information about community concerns and visions regarding walkability, resulting in a richly detailed walking map to encourage exploration.
For ten years, Feet First has worked to ensure that all communities in Washington are walkable. Walking is a vital transportation mode that connects communities, reduces pollution, improves health and physical fitness, and allows people to explore their natural environment.

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