Four Wheels to Two Feet: Safe Routes Moves Kids Safely

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Guest Blogger: Julie Grove, Graham Hill Parent in Seattle

Seattle Public School families have been notified of yellow bus assignments for the upcoming school year. 

As we move toward neighborhood schools and the district works to protect budgets from rising gas prices, the days of door-to-door service to the schools of our choice are over. 

My fear is that parents will respond by replacing the bus ride with a car ride, worsening congestion, wasting gas, and teaching children to do the same. It may seem impractical, but please, try walking to school! It’s not as difficult as you think, and your children will love it. 

It’s tempting to drive. I am a working parent, and our trek to Graham Hill Elementary School is a good workout even without kids in tow. We lack sidewalks and have valid concerns about sex offenders living nearby. 

Yet, with support from the Principal and parents who have organized walking school buses, walking has become an easy and popular option for Graham Hill families. Our best vehicle for sustainable transportation is community, not the car. 

Parents have the power to teach children that walking is a great way to travel. If you don’t know where to start, call our local non-profit, Feet First.

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