Feet First Statewide Advocacy Network Lead Mike McGinn hired as Executive Director of America Walks

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Announced Friday, Feet First’s Statewide Advocacy Network director Mike McGinn will be the new director of America Walks. The Feet First board congratulates Mike McGinn on the new position and celebrates his achievements in launching and leading the Statewide Advocacy Network.

Feet First’s Statewide Advocacy Network has brought together organizations from across Washington State who want to build walkable communities to share strategies and take action collectively. The Network includes organizations from Bellingham, Bothell, Kent, Spokane, Everett, Olympia, Redmond, Yakima, Renton, and Seattle. Together they are building power to win policies and funding in the local communities and at the state level.

“It’s impossible to overstate Mike’s contributions to Feet First.” says Jon Cowin, Feet First’s board chair. “Mike was instrumental in building our statewide advocacy network and media awareness. I’m excited to see Mike drive positive change nationwide at America Walks!”

Feet First congratulates Mike McGinn and looks forward to working with him as the Executive Director of America Walks.

For more information on Feet First’s Statewide Advocacy Network, please visit FeetFirst.org. If you are an organization that would like to get involved in the network, please reach out to rachel@feetfirst.org

About Feet First: Feet First is the advocate for walkable communities in Washington. Since 1995, the non-profit has won policies and funding from the state and local communities that make walking the first choice for more Washingtonians.

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