Feet First proposes a plan to impact health


Feet First has a plan to deal with the budget cuts in the school bus services the Seattle School District are enforcing and promote walkability at the same time!

As a whole, Seattle residents prioritize health.  From bike trails to road diets to retention ponds throughout the city, Seattleites express a desire for a sustainable, healthy lifestyle (there seem to be never-ending opportunities to submit your concerns) to pass on to their children.

Posted by Megan Risley

August 16, 2011

 And yet, childhood obesity has at least tripled in the past three decades.  Overweight children are at risk for many ills hypertension and high cholesterol that can lead to heart problems and cardiovascular disease, bone, joint and sleeping problems and low self-esteem.  Obese children are also more likely to become obese adults.  A diet issue notwithstanding, the largest contributing factor to obesity in youth is inactivity.

School districts across the state are cutting funding for bus service to kids who live within walking distance to their schools. Feet First is working hard to get the school districts and the State to prioritize Safe Routes to School vs. driving kids with parents and/or yellow school bus service. From walking school bus programs to implementing policies to support neighborhood schools, Feet First is taking the lead to make sure kids can get to school safe and easy. An upcoming regional meeting is being hosted by Feet First at the Seattle School District to discuss the upcoming iWalk Campaign www.feetfirst.org/events/regional-iwalk-planning-meeting-2 .

Whether you are a parent, teacher or school administrator, you’ll get the tools and resources to get them started on developing a healthy plan for moving kids from four wheels to two feet. Sign up today and receive an A+ in how you safely get your child to school. 

With the start of school just around the corner, there’s no better time to again face this epidemic of childhood obesity.  And Feet First has the credentials to craft a plan that addresses, at least from one angle,  the problem of overweight youth.  Feet First’s plan begins where funding ends or is running low: the big yellow school bus. 




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