Feet First – Now fully powered by volunteers

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Feet First has transitioned to an all volunteer organization. Feet First has always been powered in huge part by volunteer energy, and we will continue to operate this way in the future. The Board of Directors, committees, and volunteers will continue to lead the organization and also take on a larger role in the day-to-day functions of the organization.


We have ambitious goals for the coming year, and are confident that we will continue to make a difference as volunteer led organization.


  • Feet First held a Walk & Talk last May that was generously supported with the Watershed Pub & Kitchen for one of their Convergence Series events: Feet First continues to lead the coalition supporting the pedestrian bridge from North Seattle Community College to the future Northgate Light Rail Station.

    We have always had a volunteer led policy committee which will continue to advocate for people to walk with programs like Safe Routes to Schools and Sound Access for All which works to make Sound Transit light rail stations safer and more accessible for people of all ages and abilities.

  • For the fourth year in a row, we’ve committed to bring civic leaders from across the state together at the Walkable Washington symposium in October.
  • We’re making a difference at the statewide level, with a seat at the table on the Pedestrian Safety Advisory Council and the Transportation Improvement Board.
  • As always, we’ll maintain a strong connection to the community with activities like Neighborhood Walking Ambassadors and Walking Audits which connect people locally and help make neighborhoods safer for people on foot.


The decision to become a volunteer organization was made after considerable deliberation after our long time Executive Director, Lisa Quinn, left to pursue new opportunities and travel. While we feel that this is the most sustainable and responsible path forward for now, we are working strategically and optimistically to return to a position where we can consider hiring staff in the near future.


Jessyn Farrell, State Representative, 46th District, and Watershed Pub owner announce raffle winners who win swag from Feet First, Watershed Pub and Orlison Brewing.

Help support Feet First

Even as a volunteer-run organization, we have ongoing monthly expenses and depend on donations from supporters to continue our work around the state.  Please visit our website to donate and help us continue to work in support of safer, more walkable communities.


There are variety of ways for you to contribute your expertise and join our other dynamic volunteers and board members work to achieve healthier, safer, more vibrant communities for everyone in Washington state.  Check out volunteer opportunities here, and

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put on neighborhood walks and provide walking resources

raise awareness throughout Washington about the benefits of walkable communities and rights of the pedestrians

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