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Feet First, Washington state’s only pedestrian advocacy organization, has been the established leader in working to ensure all communities across Washington state are walkable. Since 2001 we have worked with communities, schools, government agencies, and elected officials to promote policies and actions proven to improve pedestrian safety, mobility, and access for all. Feet First promotes and facilitates Safe Routes to School programs and policies, sponsors interesting and informative walking events, and advocates for programs, policies, and capital spending to benefit walking. Our mission is to promote the growth and sustainability of walkable communities — a cornerstone of health, community, and environmental quality.

Feet First was the primary supporter of a 2015 state law to establish the Pedestrian Safety Advisory Council (PSAC), a blue ribbon panel of pedestrian safety experts to review serious traffic collisions involving pedestrians and make recommendations for systematic improvements. Feet First also works to ensure strong walking access to the Sound Transit light rail system currently under development. We led a coalition effort that secured full funding for the John Lewis Pedestrian/Bicycle Bridge across I-5 to connect North Seattle College to the Northgate light rail station. We’ve participated in planning for future extensions to the light rail system to serve West Seattle, Ballard, and the Eastside. We are also active in Safe Routes to School efforts, including our involvement in the Washington SRTS Network, a coalition of school and agency officials and fellow nonprofit personnel dedicated to encouraging school children to walk or bike to school. In support of these endeavors, Feet First recently sponsored a free webinar series about promoting student leadership in SRTS programs at their local school.

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