Green River Trail

December’s Recommended Featured Kent-area Walk of the Month


Continuing with our series of walks to keep you going throughout the winter months – here’s another one from our Neighborhood Walking Ambassadors in Kent!We want to encourage you to keep walk through winter!

This month, Ikuyo (pictured) recommends this walk in Kent:

Walk along the Green River Trail north or south from Hogan Park on Russell Rd.

The park address is 24400 Russell Rd. Kent, WA 98032. Find on Google Maps:
Trailhead location: Hogan Park


  • Option 1, Walk South: After taking the crosswalk at the top (north) end of the park turn left to follows the Green River Trail. 1.5 miles out brings
    you to the back of the Kent Golf Driving Range. Ikuyo says: “When I go south, I usually turn around at W. Meeker Street Bridge.  If I feel up to it, I can visit the Old Fishing Hole, or walk part of Ethos Community.  If I’m lucky, I can see eagles who have a nest at the Riverbend where I start.”
  • Option 2, Walk North: After taking the crosswalk at the top (north) end of the park turn right to follow the Green River Trail. 1.5 miles out brings you to Russell Road (now closed to traffic). Ikuyo says: “I can walk north along the Green River to Veterans Drive and back checking out Neely-Soames Historic Homestead along the way.”

The trail alongside the Green River is all flat to the north. Also flat going south except for a short ramp down and up to pass under Meeker St. All the trail is paved, so suitable for wheelchairs or strollers with small wheels.

Up to 3.0 miles out and back (or more or less if you want) at your own speed.  For example, at a pace of 2.5 mph 3 miles takes just over one hour. For most of us that’s plenty in the winter! Ikuyo says: “Feet First self-guided walks over the summer and fall have been good for me to get out for fresh air and exercise.  I enjoy going to different places where I may not go by myself.  The COVID restrictions haven’t been much of a problem once I passed the initial shock.  I can even take off my mask occasionally if nobody is around (and put it back on when I see someone coming.)”

WEATHER: Check out the Kent weather forecast at:

RESTROOMS: There at restrooms at Hogan Park by the center of the parking lot.


  • Maintain 6ft. social distancing from all others whenever possible
  • Bring a mask or other face covering that covers your mouth and nose. This must be worn whenever you cannot keep at least 6ft. from others.
  • Bring hand sanitizer to use after you touch a hard surface that may have been touched by others
  • Try to avoid touching your face
  • If you walk with family or friends keep you group to 6 max. You may also take a dog on a leash

As always, you can find details of all Feet First in-person walks by visiting:

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