Bring IWALK to your school in October — Feet First can help

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Bring IWALK to your school in OctobeR!          Feet First can help

International Walk to School (IWALK) Month is October 2012.  Every year, thousands of schools around the world get their students walking with IWALK celebrations how about you?  

As of June 15, four Washington State schools have registered events on the IWALK website.  Good going, early registrants!  We are currently ahead of where we were last year, AND have more schools registered than IWALK powerhouse, Oregon can we make it last?

Last year, 64 schools registered IWALK events in Washington State.  Feet First challenges schools across the state to help us double that number by October!  Feet First will help!  

What can you do to access free assistance from Feet First?

1.     Join our IWALK Challenge listserv.  You will receive summer-paced information and links to put you in good planning position for the fall.

2.     Register your school’s intent to hold an event by going to  When they ask how you heard about IWALK, please tell them Feet First sent you.

3.     Come to a regional planning meeting in Seattle on Friday, September 7, from 10:30AM to 12:00noon to network and share ideas with other IWALK schools.  Feet First will give away free lollipop signs, walking maps, incentives and other surplus items to anyone in attendance.  Description: about time and place will be made available through the IWALK Challenge listserv.

Thank you for your donation!

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Your donation will help us to:

put on neighborhood walks and provide walking resources

raise awareness throughout Washington about the benefits of walkable communities and rights of the pedestrians

host events and programs focused on improving walkability