Announcing the IWALK Challenge Winners of 2014!

Feet First extends its thanks to all the wonderful schools that submitted entries to the third annual Feet First IWALK Challenge.   If you have been following the Feet First IWALK Challenge, you know that 107 schools in Washington hosted walk-to-school events during International Walk to School Month this October. Following those events, schools were … read more

Story From the Sole – The East Howe Steps, “A Living Room for the Community”

By: Leah Wyatt   With our third annual Stairway Walks Day just around the corner on February 7th, it’s exciting to talk about projects underway to improve our current pedestrian thoroughfares.   A pedestrian route leading from the top of Capitol Hill down to Eastlake Avenue already exists, however the Lake Union Neighborhood Council envisioned … read more

Seattle’s Budget Needs to Prioritize for People

Feet First sent a letter to all nine Seattle City councilmembers letting them know that we are extremely concerned about the safety of the people who walk in Seattle. Whether a person’s trip takes them by car, bike, public transit, some part of their trip was done by foot.  More times than not, that trip … read more

Story From the Sole – Alejandra Diaz and the Walking School Bus

By: Leah Wyatt   Alejandra Diaz, who has lived in the Seattle area twelve years, first connected with Feet First at a Walking School Bus training held at Roxhill Elementary School, which Alejandra’s daughter attended at the time. Alejandra, who thought the Walking School Bus sounded like a fun idea to allow children and parents in … read more


Posted by Drew DeVitis   Local   With ballots for the 2014 general election hitting voters’ mailbox this past week, Feet First has published a voters guide to where candidates stand on walkable communities.   Seattle has been ranked the eight best city in the United States on Zillow’s Trick-or-Treat index, which rates communities by … read more


Posted by Drew DeVitis   Local   Seattle is the safest city for pedestrians in the United States, according to a study by Liberty Mutual Insurance. In a city where more than 100,000 people travel by foot or mass transit each day, Liberty Mutual credited a range of initiatives for keeping Seattle’s pedestrian deaths under … read more

Washington Schools to promote health and safety through IWALK Challenge

Whatcom-smart trips

Over 100 Washington schools join thousands of schools worldwide in celebrating International Walk to School Month The month of October is International Walk to School Month, also known as “IWALK.” Every year, tens of thousands of schools around the country and world celebrate IWALK by organizing events to encourage more students and families to walk to … read more

Where Candidates Stand On Walkable Communities


With ballots for the 2014 elections starting to hit voters’ mailboxes, Feet First asked candidates around the state for answers to questions about issues facing people walking specific to their community.   We queried State House and Senate candidates across Washington. Their answers have been posted for Feet First supporters and the broader community to read and share.   With issues such … read more


International Walk to School Day touches on so many important issues: health, education, safety, transportation and environment, to mention a few. In convening our Celebrity Panel of Judges, Feet First sought prominent Washingtonians whose work aligns them to the heart and soul of IWALK. We send a big THANK YOU to these three individuals who, together, take on … read more


Posted by Drew DeVitis   Local   SDOT has launched a Safe Routes to School outreach campaign, which coincides with International Walk to School Month and Feet First’s IWALKChallenge, to remind everyone to look out for each other and keep kids safe in school zones.   Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk participants raised more than … read more