#GiveBig on May 10

Walkable communities are healthier, safer, and more economically vibrant. Feet First’s mission, since 2001, is to help people create walkable neighborhoods. Your support is essential to our success and that’s why we’re asking for your help during #GiveBig on May 10. Thank you!   Here are a few of the ways Feet First makes a … read more

Latona Pub Keg Walk and Feet First Fundraiser

Latona Pub Keg Walk and Feet First Fundraiser takes place on Wednesday, April 19. Feet First is honored to join this non-motorized keg delivery in the morning and to be the beneficiary of the evening fundraiser. Enjoy fresh beer, live music and an auction to support Feet First’s important work promoting walkability throughout Washington state. … read more

CALL TO ACTION: Feet First Opposes Bill Allowing New Schools in Rural Areas

    A bill making its way through the Washington legislature, ESHB 1017, would allow school districts to site new schools beyond the urban growth boundary under certain circumstances. This proposed legislation is intended to provide relief for school districts claiming they can’t find land for new schools within urban areas. Although this is a … read more

Shoreline ‘Trail Along the Rail’ Feasibility Study Underway

The City of Shoreline is studying a proposal to build a multi-use trail along the future Sound Transit light rail line. Similar to the Interurban Trail paralleling Aurora Avenue along the east side of I-5, the trail would run from N 145th Street to NE 195th Street. Construction funding has not yet been identified.   … read more

Legislation Aims to Reduce ‘Distracted Driving

We’ve all probably done it even though we know it’s wrong: Yup, texting while driving.   “Distracted driving” is a rising factor in serious injuries and fatalities for pedestrians hit by vehicles. In 2015, Washington experienced a 19% increase in overall traffic fatalities; fatalities involving distracted driving increased 32%. Research indicates that cell phone use is … read more

Feet First – Now fully powered by volunteers

Feet First has transitioned to an all volunteer organization. Feet First has always been powered in huge part by volunteer energy, and we will continue to operate this way in the future. The Board of Directors, committees, and volunteers will continue to lead the organization and also take on a larger role in the day-to-day … read more


By Karla Sclater, Feet First Development Committee Member     Brian Devereux is an advocate of walking to school, both as a parent, and in his position as Puyallup School District’s Director of Facilities and Planning. He understands, though, that “Walking to school is a complex issue. It has to be safe, timely, and parent, … read more

Walk & Roll Funding Available to Schools

Empowering Children to Walk & Bike to School Feet First and Cascade Bicycle Club are excited to offer a mini grant program to get more kids moving more. Let us support your efforts to increase the number of children walking and bicycling to school. We are excited to award funding to 25 school districts across the … read more

Our Position on Temporary Encampments for the Homeless

Here is our open letter from Feet First Executive Director, Lisa Quinn that was sent to the Seattle City Council.   Dear Seattle City Council:     Feet First would like to share its position about public space as the Seattle City Council considers legislation that would create safe public spaces for temporary encampments for the … read more

Story from the Sole: Walking and Talking with Nancy Guppy

By Karla Sclater   Anyone who’s seen comedian Nancy Guppy on television or stage, knows that she radiates energy and wit. On a recent sunny Monday, I got the chance to join Nancy on her morning walk in her Queen Anne neighborhood. This funny woman is quick on her feet and in shape. For about … read more